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Diseases & Treatments

There are numerous ailments that can affect the human body, ranging from a common cold to cancer. On the basis of origin there are two major kinds of diseases: infectious and non-infectious. Infectious diseases are caused by pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. These pathogens can enter the body through the air breathing, the food and drink, such as cuts, objects, clothes etc. Non-infectious diseases are more likely to be caused by a confluence of factors including the environment, a person’s lifestyle choices and genetics. The disease that attacks a person may be a self-limiting type or a short lived one like a viral fever or a known as acute diseases while those that tend to persist for long times or for the whole of the life are called chronic diseases such as Eczema, asthma, chronic sinusitis etc.

Sometimes the question arise in our mind that why we take homeopathy medicine, the answer is that our human body has its own defensive mechanism – WBC’s to keep itself healthy. Even when some disease manages to overpower the body’s defence mechanism and gain entry into the system, this mechanism exerts itself and tries to control the issue at hand. The homoeopathic medicines help in increasing natural immunity of the body. They help in strengthening the innate healing powers of the body and let the body cure itself. Homoeopathy gives permanent cure without any side effects that’s why homeopathy treats any type of disease with no side effects. We should follow Homoeopathy treatment for the best results and that’s why homeopathy is the best alternative medicine now a days.

Gupta Homoeo Clinic provides a team of highly qualified Homoeopathy Doctor including female homoeopathy doctor. As a female homeopathy doctor its easy for the female patients to narrate her personal problems, her sexual problems and problems regarding gynecological disorders. Dr. Saveena Gupta is not only a specialist in treating female problems but also she have immense knowledge of proper nutrition. Gupta Homoeo Clinic is the best homeo clinic in jaipur which treats the patients with true spirit with holistic approach. This the best clinic in jaipur which provides the best skin treatment in Jaipur. Gupta Homeo Clinic is the first Homeopathic Clinic of Rajasthan based on skin care. It is the only homeopathy skin treatment clinic in jaipur. From last 13 years we are giving best results in skin treatments. We have skilled doctors for various diseases and treatment in homeopathy. We are treating not only acute & chronic diseases but also incurable diseases. We give homeopathic medicine on the basis of totality of symptoms with additional detailed instructions for your good health, such as dietary advice, do’s and dont’s and lifestyle suggestions with moral support. At Gupta Homoeo Clinic we are using Standard German Homeopathic medicines of wide range.
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