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Warts(Verrucae) Treatment In Homoeopathy - Gupta Homoeo Clinic, Jaipur


What is warts/Verrucae?

Warts is a small, rough, circumscribed, epidermal and papillary elevation of the skin and caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), which stimulates quick growth of cells on the skin’s outer layer. Warts may disappear in months or years but they will come back.

What is the cause of warts and is it contagious?

Warts are caused through direct contact with HPV, which is contagious. HPV may spread by one person to another or through direct contact with an object used by a person with the virus. The entry site is an area of broken or injured skin. Children get warts more than the adults may be due to weak immune system.

What are the symptoms of Warts?

Various forms are described according to their signs and symptoms, which are as follows-

  • Common warts– It generally appears on the fingers, near the finger nails, or on the hands especially of children. It is pea-sized, round, rough, broad at the base, horn like projections and grey to flesh colored.
  • Plantar wartsThis type of wart usually appears as flesh-colored or light brown lumps with multiple black specks in the center. These are hard, painful and appear on the soles of the feet.
  • Genital wartsit appears at genitalia and look like small flesh-colored, pink, or red growths. They often appear in groups, and may grow and spread rapidly.
  • Flat warts –Flat warts are smooth, flat, and small and generally occur on the face and back of the hands. These are pin head to finger nail in size and brown or black in color.
  • Periungual warts – a cauliflower like cluster of warts occurs around or under the nail.
  • Filiform or digitate warts-these are thread or finger like warts and commonly seen at face, eyelids, scalp and irregularly distributed.
  • Necrogenica warts- is a contagious form and seen at hands probably due to a tuberculous infection.


What are the preventive measures for warts?

  • Avoid direct contact with the warts
  • Don’t bite fingernails because warts are more commonly occurs at the broken skin.
  • Wash the hands after touching the warts.
  • Avoid brushing, shaving, if not then use electric razor.
  • Be careful at public places, gyms, saloons and swimming pool.


Can homoeopathy helps in warts? (Warts/Verrucae Permanent Treatment In Homoeopathy)

In the case of warts a holistic approach is needed, which is fulfill by the homoeopathy. Homoeopathy treats the disease from the root level. It gives no side effects. In Homoeopathy we consider the disease as an external manifestation of the internal derangement and we focused on it to cure it. In the process of case taking we consider the history of the disease, the family medical history, physical, mental symptoms of the patient and as well as shape and appearance of the wart. After that we evaluate the totality of symptoms and find out the cause of the disease, and then treat it by well selected medicine.



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