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Leucorrhoea Remedies


Leucorrhoea, also known as white vaginal discharge is a very common condition that has been experienced by most women of all ages. Leucorrhoea is not a disease in itself but a symptom of some underlying disease. It may be mild to severe, and varies from case to case. Vaginal secretions are significant if these are blood stained, profuse, foul smelling.

What is Leucorrhoea?

Vaginal discharge plays an important role to keep the vagina healthy. The secretion helps in flush out the bacteria outside the vagina and prevent from the infections. This is because of the fact that the female genitals are highly prone to infections because they are moist and covered at most times. Abnormal, foul smelling, slimy, frothy, dirty white, greenish or yellowish discharge from female genitals which is accompanied by inflammation, irritation and redness is known as Leucorrhoea.

What are leucorrhoea Symptoms?

Following are the Leucorrhoea symptoms-

  • Foul smelling vaginal discharge
  • Intense itching may be present
  • Excoriating rashes
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Pain in the lumber region & calves
  • Dragging sensation in stomach and constipation
  • Blue rings around the eyes in chronic cases
  • Painful sexual act

What causes leucorrhoea?

On the base of leucorrhoea causes it is divided in two types-

Physiological leucorrhoea –The term “physiological leucorrhea” is used to refer to normal condition of vaginal discharge due to increased blood flow to the vagina caused by estrogen stimulation. Leucorrhea may occur normally in newborn babies due to maternal estrogen, at puberty, during ovulation, during pregnancy, during sexual excitement.

Inflammatory leucorrhoea

It is an abnormal condition of vaginal discharge accompanied by backache and foul-smelling discharge having yellow or white color. It may be due to-

  • Infections from bacteria like Gardnerella vaginalis and chlamydia, fungi like Candida albicans or parasites like Trichomonas vaginalis.
  • Injuries or trauma to the vagina, the womb or the cervix during pregnancy
  • poor hygiene
  • use of sprays, lubricants or jellies
  • Contraceptives causing irritation
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Wrong dietary habits
  • Anemia and diabetes
  • Psychological factors

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What are the types of Leucorrhoea?

On the basis of origin of discharge it can be divided into following types-

  • Vulval discharge – is sero purulent, viscid and offensive and common in small girls and in aged females.
  • Vaginal discharge- creamy white, purulent, bland or excoriating and originates from vagina. It may be due to chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic constipation.
  • Cervical discharges -are nonirritating and non-offensive, thick, mucus from endocervical glands. It may be due to chronic cervicitis, erosion or mucus polyp and cervical erosion. Blood stained discharge is caused by ca cervix.
  • Uterine discharge-Yellow discharge is due to uterine infections and blood stained discharge is caused by ulcerated lesion of the genital tract.

How to manage of leucorrhoea?

  • Proper sleep and exercise
  • The diet consist milk, vegetables, fruits and fresh fruit juice.
  • Eggs, meat, bread, mushrooms, sweets, fried foods, tea, coffee and fermented food items.
  • Hygiene of the genitalia should be maintained properly.
  • Undergarments should wash properly and dry in sun heat.
  • If you are suffering from excoriating eruptions, don’t wear undergarments at night. .
  • Do exercise such as a simple walk in fresh air for 20 mints.
  • Wash genitals everyday and always wash genitals from front to back.
  • Always wear cotton underwear to avoid moisture.

Can is there any Leucorrhoea treatment in homoeopathy?

Yes there is best Leucorrhoea treatment in Homoeopathy. Leucorrhoea is a life style disorder, so a holistic approach is needed, which is completely fulfilled by the homoeopathy. Homoeopathy treats the disease from the root level and gives no side effects. At Gupta Homoeo Clinic, we give best treatment for Leucorrhoea in jaipur.

We boost the immunity power which plays a very important role in the white discharge treatment. Different females suffering from Leucorrhoea have different symptoms like different color of discharge, different odor, different associating complaints and different modalities like some have complaints much before menses and some have worse only during it. Homeopathic treatment is based on the principle of individualization and constitution, that’s by Homoeopathic treatment for Leucorrhoea is the best choice. During Homoeopathic treatment we treat sickness of a person as a whole. If white discharge is not treated properly, it may often recur and become persistent. The homoeopathic medicines for white discharge give permanent relief for leucorrhoea.

Homeopathic medicines for Leucorrhoea

Calcarea carbonica
It is suited especially to scrofulous persons with enlarged cervical glands. The leucorrhoea is profuse, milky, persistent or yellow and accompanied by itching and burning. Leucorrhoea in infants and young girls often recurring before puberty, leucorrhoea before menses or in recurring attacks between the menses.


Leucorrhoea is milky which becomes watery, acrid and burning from being retained in the vagina. It is a mucous, thick, creamy, white leucorrhoea sometimes replacing menses, with chilliness, disposition to lie down and lowness of spirits. It corresponds to a disposition to leucorrhoea and suits leucorrhoea in chlorotic subjects.


Leucorrhoea is yellowish green color, somewhat offensive and often excoriating, due to pelvic congestion of a passive type. It is milky, worse before menses with bearing down; there are pains in the abdomen and pruritus. The patient has a sallow, pimply face, and it is most suitable to those of dark complexion who are feeble and debilitated and who have a sensation of emptiness at the pit of the stomach.

Leucorrhoea is acrid excoriating, purulent greenish yellow, smarting and burning, swelling of external genital organs worse at night.

It is best suited to weak persons, old women, especially the chronic form with much weakness; the discharge is acrid, corrosive, offensive, thin and yellow. Stiching pain in pelvis extending down the thigh.

Natrum Muriaticum

Homeopathic medicine of great help for treating Leucorrheawhere the vaginal discharge is thick, white and transparent. The discharge gets worse on walking. The women requiring this Homeopathic medicine are mainly anemic and crave for salty things in excess. The heat of sun is unbearable for the patients.


Leucorrhoea Remedies

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